International Students can do business in Azerbaijan ?

I want to go Azerbaijan with student visa in language course.

May I transfer my student visa to business visa ?

Actually I want to know how I can do business legally ?

Please help me with information.


The business visa requires different criteria that needs to be followed for applications. You need a letter from an Azerbaijani business inviting you to undertake business with them.
This information can be found online using Google. You should go over on your student visa and whilst studying check out the requirements and processes necessary for the business visa.

Hi Stumpy,

Thanks for your reply. I can follow all govt. rule, no problem. Just can you make sure please, legally i can transfer my students visa to business visa ? My intend to do Grocery business or car business. Can i do ?


You need to contact the relevant govt office for information about this.  As far as I found out you cannot simply change student visa to business visa. Read my post #2.

I trust you are not simply using the student visa as a way to get into the country and set up a business.

You may be better off to get the student visa, do the course, as you will definitely need language skills, and whilst doing this explore what is required to set up a business.

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