New members of the Azerbaijan forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Azerbaijan forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Azerbaijan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


Myself Sudhir Tamilvanan working as SAP Consultant in an Oil Refinery company at Baku.. Previously i was working in Dubai same as SAP Consultant... Here in Baku i didnt find much Indians and am staying here alone. i have registered expat forum so that i can find some expat friends.


Hi sudhir, I'm sridhar from Tamilnadu

I need a detail about Azerbaijan

Hi Sridhar,

i have recently shifted to Azerbaijan... The capital city is very good,, and Climate is like European weather... The people around here are very good and safe place to roam around without any problem... The cost of living is comparatively cheaper than middle east and other European countries that i have traveled. One main thing its very hard to find Indian groceries..

Sudhir Tamilvanan

I ve applied for the 30 days visit visa, is it possible to change it as a work a work permit when I'm there?

Am not sure about it... i got offer through linkedin and everything the company processed for my visit..

Can you please ask someone about this, if can, please ask the fee too

Can you check with this sirajsultanli in expat community .. i guess he is helping out for visa and immigration kind of work

hi, at present i am a student of baku state university. although i have been here for one year,  actually i do not have friends here. by the way ,i came from china, i am studying russian and azeri now, if you are interested, please contanct with me with personal message//

Dear all,

     My name is Jacek Gajewski, I am a retired physicist from Warsaw University. I will be moving to Baku in October for ca. 2 years to work as an EC consultant.

     Later this year I will be looking to rent a flat. 

      At the moment, I am considering whether it makes sence to bring my own car, or better to sell the car in my country and buy another one  when I settle down in Baku. The same with health insurance - should I take the travel insurance from any international company or better is to get local AZ insurance in Baku?

Any other matter, which is better to get it done at home than in Baku?   

With best regards,

Jacek Gajewski
PS. I have been in Azerbaijan several times for short, few days long, visits. So, I know this country pretty well.

I am Mohamed Kamel I am Chef in the Middle East. I am from Egypt. I want a job. I have 3 experience certificates. Chef is very professional. I will pay all travel and accommodation costs.

You welcome.You can find many flats to rent and you can find travel insurance and life insurance all kind of insurance have.

It's great to find a group of nice people willing to help and advice when moving to other country.

I will begin classes in Baku on September, already have tickets!!!

Now I am trying to figure everything else.

The university has been super helpful but other opinions and suggestions can help.


Hi everyone
I live next door in Iran. A British expat. Want to move into Baku, but don't know how. I want to teach IELTS, Business English and International Business Management. I speak fluent Azeri, because I was born in Iranian side of Azerbayjan. I have CPE from Cambridge University, a Graduate member of Institute of Export in England and specialist in International Marketing and Export Management. My father was from the Republic of Azerbaijan when  he move to Iran many years ago. I am a British national as well as an iranian. I also want to find my relatives in Azerbaijan. Can you help me pls?

M Sani from Pakistan and promoting  business for foreign visitors in different countries. I immolate my services for the same if.

Will Remain,

Send ur father particulars and the last information you had or have at least with his pics as well.

Hi friends, I am a citizen of Azerbaijan. I am an english/azeri translator/interpreter. If you need a translator or help you can approach me :) All you are welcome in Azerbaijan.

Hi Itan
I want to find my relatives in Lankaran. any idea
ali falsafi

I am Student in Western Caspian University. I don't have Azerbaijani friends. Want to meet with Azerbaijani friends.

If you interested please personally inbox me.


Dear Sir:

I am studying for a Master's degree in TEFL here in Iran which is going to be over only after a semester. I have also fifteen years of teaching experience along with a good experience in IELTS perperation.

I am planning to move to Azerbaijan immediately after I finished my university courses next month. And I would like to search for some teach opportunities there in Baku.

Best regards,
Yaghoubi, S.

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