Following fashion in Gambia

Hi everyone,

Do you follow fashion trends in Gambia? Every country and every culture has its own dress code. As far as you are concerned, have you changed the way you dress?

Can one easily find fashion boutiques in Gambia? Are clothes expensive there? Or cheap?

What do Gambians usually wear or like to wear the most?

Share your experience!


I am not into Fashion as per say, but I do follow fashion trend in Gambia.
Gambian Fashion is on the rise and many young and mature people do  like their best!
Many Gambians are Fashion Savvy, every Fashion style exist in Gambia, but majority of Gambians wear native atire especially on Fridays. Fashion is a big industry in Gambia and everyone is anticipated. Younger Gambians mostly like to dress like Europeans, at night life when you hit the club, you wouldn't believe many outfits that you will find there, I myself is not a fashion Star, but I do follow up. I wear what I like, not what make people look like wow, every cloth that I wear looks great on me, so I don't bother.

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