any English teachers in Kurdistan?

I don't know who is looking for English teachers in Kurdistan now. You can try with Sabis.

Thankyou for your prompt reply.
Actually I have 2 careers as Hotel house keeping Manager and customer care service manager  plus  teaching

Do you know hotels in Erbil looking for Managerial level staff with high Experience and language skills.


HyA  :idontagree:  good luck barzan73 have good journey  :D

Edojidai :



I have a strong interest in Kurdistan. With only a year of teaching experience, I find it difficult finding job opportunities. Does anybody have suggestions?

I have a TEFL certificate, and experience from both Vietnam and DR Congo. Oh, and a degree.

Thank you!!! :)

James.....I teach here and have done so for some time.  Get back with me if you want to get some tips and ideas.  Always glad to help.

why you don't want to work for Sabis again?

Sabis is very hard for expats. They have you teach at least 30 classes a week, you are always the last to leave, you are always required to stay after for any extra classes or other things the school wants you to do. Even work 6 days a week for no extra pay. Most weeks I worked 10 or 11 hours each day and had to come home and do extra work. Really it was to much.

yeah I heard teaching for Sabis is very stressful! How much  was the salary if you don't mind asking?

by the way, I am also a fellow English Language teacher from Zakho and I have in MA in TESOL.

I am a newly qualified Native British TEFL teacher looking for work in Kurdistan as I am married to a Kurdish citizen.
If anyone requires please let me know, I have just put my ad on the jobs.

Were you able to find a teaching position in Kurdistan?
I am also looking at the moment.

Hello Dear,

Are you still looking for job in Kurdistan?

Hi there!
I  am still looking for a job yes!

Send me your phone number to my Email   xxx
if it is possible?

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