HCV antibody positive , HCV RNA negative

Hello I work on a medical field is there anyone OF you Who know someone same as my situation hep C antibody positive , HCV RNA negative. My eployment health screening next week and I a.m Very worried.

If you work in med field - then you supposed to know...
What do you do tho?

IM a nurse. I dont know if they Will consider my status.

More then sure that you gonna be rejected.. let us know please

How sure madam? Are you also with hep C?

As far as I know, UAE stopped testing for Hepatitis C many years ago.  Before that it used to be a deport-able illness.

Not sure if they will do that for medical professionals now.  Let us know how it goes.

In my visa i was able to pass the screening. But now they require this  employee health screening WHich includes HCV antibody screening. IM afraid to loss my job and what Will they do to me

It seems like that it is a requirement of your employer then. 

Unfortunately, it is entirely up to the employer if they chose to employ you after the positive result.

However, since it does not stop you from working in the UAE; you can try to move to another employer if made redundant from this job.

But ive already in my 7 months in the company. I wonder what they tell me why I did Not disclose Such information😔

If you get a contract for work in a theme park for work in retail, operations or customer service, will they test you for HCV?



Nope they will not test for hcv only hep b in visa nothing to worry. Your hep c reactive?

Hi I just want to know, I've read so many articles so I'm not sure. So even by being a newcomer they won't test me for Hep C?

I want to be enlightened, are you sure that if you didn’t fall in the 6 category then they will not going to test the hepatitis b, I’m a hepa b carrier and I’m afraid to get deported. I’m currently in visit visa here in dubai

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