HCV antibody positive , HCV RNA negative

Hello I work on a medical field is there anyone OF you Who know someone same as my situation hep C antibody positive , HCV RNA negative. My eployment health screening next week and I a.m Very worried.

If you work in med field - then you supposed to know...
What do you do tho?

IM a nurse. I dont know if they Will consider my status.

More then sure that you gonna be rejected.. let us know please

How sure madam? Are you also with hep C?

As far as I know, UAE stopped testing for Hepatitis C many years ago.  Before that it used to be a deport-able illness.

Not sure if they will do that for medical professionals now.  Let us know how it goes.

In my visa i was able to pass the screening. But now they require this  employee health screening WHich includes HCV antibody screening. IM afraid to loss my job and what Will they do to me

It seems like that it is a requirement of your employer then. 

Unfortunately, it is entirely up to the employer if they chose to employ you after the positive result.

However, since it does not stop you from working in the UAE; you can try to move to another employer if made redundant from this job.

But ive already in my 7 months in the company. I wonder what they tell me why I did Not disclose Such information😔

If you get a contract for work in a theme park for work in retail, operations or customer service, will they test you for HCV?


Nope they will not test for hcv only hep b in visa nothing to worry. Your hep c reactive?

Hi I just want to know, I've read so many articles so I'm not sure. So even by being a newcomer they won't test me for Hep C?

I want to be enlightened, are you sure that if you didn’t fall in the 6 category then they will not going to test the hepatitis b, I’m a hepa b carrier and I’m afraid to get deported. I’m currently in visit visa here in dubai

I am also an expat working and living here in Dubai. Yes, there are news that Hep C is not being tested for your residence visa but they do. Take note: The Hepatitis tests are for newcomers and for those looking for job as babysitters, nursery and kindergarten employees, housemaids, workers at barber shops, health clubs or restaurants seeking new visa or renewal. Such applicants will have to undergo these tests when entering the emirate and also during visa renewal process, and if found positive, would be deported. My  Hepatitis C Antibody Test, sometimes called the Anti-HCV Test is also positive after exactly 10 days after my medical exam, i received a text message that requires me to re-do the medical. I had to go to Muhaisnah Center to repeat the blood test. It turns out, they do HCV PCR to check the HCV Viral load in your system. If you are cleared of the virus, then you will eventually receive your residence permit.  Yes, i was given my emirates ID, no virus was found from my system. Hope this one helps.

How did it go with u in the end?

I had my medical (if I'm not mistaken, around last week of April 2018)  re-done after 10 days I first took the exams. I think after a few days (3-4 days) I received my passport with my stamped residence permit. 2 weeks later, I got my emirates id. If you didn't pass the medical exam that they require here in UAE, they won't issue a residence permit. But to set things straight, to anyone who is going to have their medical fitness exam in UAE, yes, Hepatitis C is being tested (for NEW visa applications, Workers in nurseries, Domestic workers including housemaids, nannies and drivers, Food handlers and workers in restaurants and cafes, Workers in salons and beauty centres, Workers in health clubs) But if found positive, they won't deport you right away, they will advise you to have it re-checked (will instruct you to go to a different medical fitness facility) and they will conduct another blood test, HCV RNA PCR it is used to determine whether the hepatitis C virus (HCV) exists/active in your bloodstream and needs treating.

Thanks for your story.

Do you mean everyone who comes to Dubai seeking a new visa for the first time will be tested for Hep C?

And may I know what kind of your job (falls into the 6 categories?), and were you a new comer for the application?

Thanks again.

Yup I'm a new comer. For every new visa application, they will need to take HCV screening. I'm a part of a medical team.

Thanks a lot. And may I know if they will report the result(antibody positive) to the empolyer?

i'm not sure the if Ministry of Health or the Medical Fitness Center you went to will be sending a report to your employer. But in my case, my employer who informed me that I have to re-do the medical. My employer knows my situation. "If you tested HCV PCR years before and it came negative, most probably you will be granted a residence visa." That's what my employer told me when I disclosed my case to them.

The employers don't get a report.  What they do get, in case of a problem, is:

1) An intimation that the person needs to re-test and to arrange for that
2) If the person tests positive in the re-test, a confirmation that he or she needs to be deported.  They may find out what is the issue when they follow up but a full report is hardly ever shared

If you get the visa at stage 2 e.g. in the case above, they won't get a report.

Many thanks for your answers. Best wished to you.

Thanks a lot. Best wishes to you. I will forward these messages to my brother for his consideration.

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