looking for land

i am looking to buy land to planted with olive trees in Turkey, any advise ?

where is the best place to look for or site

many thanks in advance

You need to be around Marmara Sea region . This is where the best of olive farming is done. Villages around Bursa is the place to look.
I have met couple farmers who has alot of land and they do olive farming.  I can get you in touch with them if you like.

Thank you very much for your reply, i am looking for land to plante olive trees, if you know someone it will be kind of you.

i don't know if we have the right to build house in the land.

You do plan to buy the land, right ?

yes, i do, i want to buy the land

Yes you can build a house on it. Let me know when you like to start the search for real. I can talk to couple people

We are very interested in this topic; thank-you for raising it.

I  suggest that you take a Turkish friend and go to ministry of agriculture for a good info . and if you are new in that business you should do it with someone has knowledge as a partner and  you should rent the land first.
good luck.

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