Hello from Australia

Hi there,
I just joined this expat forum today. I thought I'd say hello to fellow travellers.
My name is Tessa and I am looking at moving back to Europe at some point later this year to write and hopefully teach English. I was living in Italy teaching English a few years ago. I'm interested in finding out how realistic it is to get a job teaching in Spain and cost of living, food etc. Just to get an idea of what to save before heading over there.
Are there any reputable agencies that find teachers work?
I enjoy meeting new people, yin yoga, music and art. Please feel free to say hello and even better if you live in Spain! :) I'm learning Spanish currently and live by the seaside.
Have a great day.
Cheers - Tessa.

you will need a visa. … -Visa.aspx … spain.html … -spain.htm
Contact your local Spanish consulate for more information. … ados.aspx#

Thanks for responding :) I have citizenship sorted. Have a lovely day.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

No idea about a job, but I can help with regards to the costs.  The Numbeo website provides information related to this; this link will take you to their website.

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Hey Cynic

Thanks so much for the link :)


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