Shipping containers

Hey Guys,

Has anyone bought or rented a shipping container in BG?    (or even better have one for sale)

I'm looking for a lockable storage unit to put camping equipment in, Ive searched around for actual storage units or lockups with the Vidin region but have had no joy there either

Any advice would be greatly received


Hi Riki,
I’m looking too. Nearest I’ve found is this: … iners.aspx
Good look with your search if you find cheaper give me a shout 😀

Hey Frank,

Ooooo, that is a little step,

But yeah thats the kinda thing I'm after,

A proper container would be best as some of the poles are up to 40 ft and I'd rather them inside when not in use.
however thats a handy site to know,

Thanks Frank


Hi, why not pay a visit to the docks in Burgas?
There are hundreds of containers there and I am sure someone will sell you one at a reasonable price.

Good luck.

Hi Rapbom

Well that is an option and I may look down that way, however, Burgas is still a good 7-hour drive from my plot so delivery would be a killer.

But thank you for your help


If you do a google search for: "морски контейнери видин" some results will pop up.

For example: … 1%82%D0%B0

And quite a few companies sell used containers from Sofia, which is a bit of a drive, but closer than the sea.

Hi Kojidae

Thank you for your reply, that is incredibly useful,

Maybe I will get a container after all :-)

Just a word from someone who operates the things; empty containers weigh 2,500 kgs (20'/6m empty) and just over 5,000 kgs (40'/12m empty), so when you need to rent a crane to take them off, it's not just can the crane lift it, but can it place it where you want it; the further away from where the crane is lifting the container, the more capacity it will need.

Actually you don't need to go all the way to Bourgas or Varna ports. It is possible to find an used 40' container in the Sofia region.

Transporting it to a remote location is a different story.

Thank you for this information, do you have any more details or links for shipping containers in the Sofia or Vidin region?

Found one - Sofia region. You can pick it up tomorrow. Will send yoi pics and price on PM.

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