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hi we are planning to move to Almeria early in new year .we would like as much info as possible about getting our  repeated medication .do we have to pay ? Not sure how it works please help if possible .

Can you supply some more info ?

Nationality, if retired etc.

Hi yes im retired and have my state pension. I'm English. My husband doesn't receive his pension until 2019 when he's 67 .Thanks for helping.

Hi Kay
As you will be moving to Spain you will need to register on the EU Citizens Register more or less immediately.   

As you are retired you will be entitled to ‘free’ health cover.    You need to contact DWP and ask for an S1.    With that both you and your ‘dependant’ (under pension age) husband will get free health cove r.   Just like on UK you will get all medication, treatment etc  you both require.    There is a prescription charge based on how much income you have.  For most that means 10% of the cost of the medication, with a maximum charge  of 8 euros per month.

Your OAP will be sufficient income  for the EU Registration

A question about health insurance...
I have a nonlucrative visa and so had to purchase health ins. I am getting papers together to renew my Visa. I currently have DKV Integral Individual ( 2017 premium 696.73 euros///// 2018 will be 810.62!!!)   My policy expires  15 Feb .  My Visa expires end of April. 
Any ideas for other policies? Anyone else with DKV experience such an increase? Is this the norm...annual increases... for Spanish policies?
I am not retired.  I am currently living in Madrid.  Looking to move to Valencia latter part of 2018.
Maria in Madrid

                   Sorry I cannot help as you are non EU and I do not have enough experience in that field.  Hopefully a Non EU national will help.


I am an EU member, but have not lived or worked in the EU ever, since when I left Hungary, it was not an EU member yet. Never paid taxes in any EU country, either. I am over 64 years old, retired in the US. Is there anything I can do if I move to Spain to be covered as an EU member? What agency do I need to contact, (Full name please no abbreviation)

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