Moving to bali

Hello I’ve been in Bali for a month now and I really love the country so Today I saw a very big villa with a nice yearly price so I’m thinking to rent it for 20 years contract and turn it into a guesthouse can I do that here ?

Nope, you'd never get a work permit unless it was massively expensive and you started a PT company.

How expensive ?

Before we get into that, look at this … 76#1043879

And is it really hard for to start a PT company ?

A PT PMA foreign owned company (Last I looked) was Rp10 billion.

After u will be able to get a work permit ?

There are lots of restrictions and rules to follow but, if you invest enough according to the rules, you can legally run a business.
The basics are there but you're going to need lawyers to get it sorted out.
You might also like to look at the competition before you go any further because there are loads of cheap guesthouses over there.

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