Work and live in Bali just a dream?

Hello everyone !!
My name is SZILVIA and I'm from Hungary  I'm looking for a job in bars,restaurant,pubs or hotels with my fiancé  Eddie  ,he is English
Please help me where can I search for job and accommodation in Bali ?
Thank you

To get a work permit, you must do a job that a local can't do.
That usually means special skill or management.

We are working as a pub manager now in England both of us holding a licenc  for hospitality management
And we Are looking for a job in hospitality
If enyone can help where can I search for job in Bali please feel free to message me
Thank you .have a nice day;)

Hello Szilvia. :)

You can post an advert in the Jobs in Bali section. It could help.

Concerning the housing, what type of accommodation are you looking for?

Thank you,

Pak Fred is totally correct, and in Bali it’s especially difficult to justify hiring foreigners in the hospitality business as there are plenty of qualified locals as well as an excellent tourism/hotel management college in Nusa Dua.

Unemployment is a growing problem in Bali, and as a result, jobs for foreigners are dwindling with the exception of highly specialized fields.

Hello Sylvia,
you can find vacancies here :

there are a lot of position available in Bali dealing to management position in hospitality industry.

Feel free to contact me on email for further details and owner's contact.

Jeremie, executive chef positions, GM positions and other top management positions for the various 5 star resorts and restaurants on Bali are often filled by foreigners, although the current trend, even in those top positions, is to hire local talent as well.  Staff positions, bar tenders, sous chefs, housekeeping, restaurant service staff, engineering positions, maintenance, groundskeeping and middle management positions rarely justify hiring non Indonesian staff and any company that is hiring foreigners in those positions, which could be filled with qualified Indonesian candidates, will run afoul of the Ministry of Manpower sooner or later.

When the ASEAN free-labor agreement comes into effect in 2015 the freedom of movement between jobs for citizens of ASEAN member countries will relax considerably, but that will have no positive effect upon citizens of non ASEAN countries who are qualified to work in the hospitality sector, in fact, it will only make it harder for foreigners of non ASEAN countries to find employment here in that field at almost any level.

Any foreigner who thinks they can move to Bali and get a legal job working here as a bar tender, a waitress, an assistant chef, landscaper, electrician, middle management, etc. etc. is dreaming.

Ubudian, Wow..such a shocking information for me too as an indonesian. Anyway thank you for long clear explaination.


First, here's an article to start … nt-page-1/

To find a job in the hospitality industry in Indonesia is definitely not as easy as other countries like Thailand or China. You'd have better luck in finding jobs there.
Though it is not impossible to get a job in Bali, but its better to get to know the island and (or) the country a little bit better before you make any decision.

Goodluck :-)

Do some online reasearch and find as much information about it.

I was just in a hotel in Bali 2 weeks ago.  Everybody who worked there was Indonesian.

Thanx for such positive input.....Helps us a lot

"I was just in a hotel in Bali 2 weeks ago.  Everybody who worked there was Indonesian."

Which is exactly as it should be.  :)

that,s life in Indonesia..hiring Indonesian.s is a problem too...when they show up at work...Stanford University just finished a study and found Indonesia to be the lasiest country in the world..and another found it 1 of the most polluted.

Hmmm, I'd like to see links to both those studies, viz, Indonesians being the laziest and the country itself being the most polluted, as from where I sit, that smells like bollocks to me.  ;)

The laziest as in those that don't walk too far … untry.html

Most polluted

Thats nonsense … ountry.jsp

Whilst I cant find the Standford report mind I haven't looked too far. Air Quality, Rubbish in rivers and general untidiness in Jakarta alone is improving overall and the link I have provided puts Indonesia way down the line. India, China, and most of Asia before Indonesia.

Yes there are complete disasters everywhere but thats everywhere in the world.

So perhaps Roy is right, thats not a healthy smell.

well clean up day today...with the my notice just chit like some of our beaches..and it.s 1 of the most polluted think China is 1st...lasy I would agree...more holidays here then America.,,no work the other day...cus ceromony for m/bike..dogs here make most of the mess but locals and other Indo.s just throw anything anywhere...jus burning off near me now...heaps of plastic bags on the heap  s.o u must live in paradise..sides of the roads r good garbage dumps..the water trucks have put 6 inch potholes everyhwere ..no1 doin anything about it...dangerous...OH WELL sick of tryn to explain..

yer u go littering around in Singapore and see wat happens..

I don't mean to sound rude, but maybe Singapore is a better fit for you? 

For me, my wife and our three boys, there isn't anywhere we'd rather be than right here in Bali.  For sure it isn't perfect, but after 18 years of 24/7 living here I can surely say it just keeps getting better and better. 

Cheers, and best wishes you find the right niche for yourself.   :top:


I am reading how hard it is to get work in Bali. So how come there are so many expats there for so many years, how do they do it?!

I am an acupuncturist, would that work as a business there or no one would be interested?


Chanti83 :


I am reading how hard it is to get work in Bali. So how come there are so many expats there for so many years, how do they do it?!

I am an acupuncturist, would that work as a business there or no one would be interested?


You'd never get a work permit so it would be illegal.

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