Breach of contract/ resignation

Hello everyone!I'm currently working as a nurse. I'd like to seek some advise from those who has keen knowledge about saudi labor law. The situation is my kafeel has failed to give our october salary and he might also fail to give our november salary. Is there any governing law  giving an exemption for a newly opened company that failure to give employee's salary on time is considerable. I've joined here last july2017 and I'm planning to resign and look for new kafeel that can give a better compensation on me bcoz this company is also not paying overtimes.What are your suggestions? I really wanna leave this company. If i resign my employer will issue a final exit but how much do i need to pay?Can i consider the above reason for my resignation? Will he give me NOC? and I want to know if he will surely ban me here? Thank u so much. Each response will help me a lot. God bless u all.

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