Looking for a reliable dog sitter...need help! Thanks!

Hi there,

I just moved to Hanoi with my husband and our pets, 1 dog and 2 cats.

And how do you guys find a trustful dog/cat sitter when you need to go on holiday?

Thanks alot!!


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Best option is to talk to your expat colleagues who keep pets at home and see if they are willing to pet-sit your cats and dog while you are away.

Vietnam, Hanoi in particular, is infamous for all those dog/cat meat restaurants which seem to be thriving despite being banned. The thieves can go to any length to steal your pets from anywhere.

I found one lead from google that looks genuine and decent. (at least from their website).
It's located in Tay Ho district.
Gaia Hanoi Pet Clinic
Please do your own investigation before you take a decision.

All the best!  :cheers:

Join a local forum like TNH, which is a Ha Noi based forum.

Hi, thank you for your reply.
In fact this was and still is my biggest worry since we decided to move to hanoi. I do not want to take any risk with my animals. The vet you mentioned seemed good, i took my dog to see doctors for her diarrhea treatment when we just got here, i was happy about the result and their services were good.
Before we never liked to put our animals in a pets hotel, we always had friends/family come to our place to help, or even dog sitters. But i do realize hanoi is hanoi, better to trust a professional pets care if we could not find a good solution.

Thank you again.


Thanks, i will go on have a look.:)


I saw your post at the forum. I am Hang Nguyen. I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I lived 2 years in Florida, USA for an exchange program. I just recently moved back here to Hanoi. I am interested in being your dog-sitter if it's possible. I am quite free because I am waiting for my visa approved for Sweden and currently working as a virtual assistant (which I can work online). I live in Tay Ho District (near West Lake). Can you give me more details about what you are looking for?

Best Regards,
Hang Nguyen

Hi Hang,

Thank you for your interest.
We need someone to help us walk and feed the dog when we are out of town. Before we moved down to Vietnam, we always had friends or family to take care of her during our holiday, so our dog is a bit spoiled because we never put her in any pets hotel. She is a very sweet and obedient little thing, easily get along with everyone. She got a bit tough time to get used to this new environment, that's why we try to keep her feel secure to stay home as much as possible instead of being in a strange place. Still figuring it out how to make it work.
Maybe we can meet for a coffee and see from there.



I leave in hanoi for last 4 years and my wife is vietnamese and she does not trust vietnam people to take care of our 4 dogs and 2 cats...vietnam people in general see animal are expendable so no big deal if you loose them and if they die. We jusr bought a wooly husky female 2 weeks ago,she developped parvosvirus and died in 24 hours..the breeder blamed us. We worked out a deal with him and took another lovely female she also died 4 Days later inspite of all the european vet we used who is very good.we got scewed..so when you buy a dog or get someone to look after them be very very careful...for babysitter try to find an expat that lves animal..... :)  :)

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I can do it, if you provide housing for me. I am a certified English teacher from the USA.

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