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Hi all - my husband (French) and I (German) will be relocating to Toulouse from March next year. We have 2 children (9 and 1) and are currently looking at what type of school to choose from.
Our son (and daughter) was born in the UK and hence his native language is English. However, he is also fluent in French and intermediate in German due to us speaking both languages at home.
Looking at what school option to go for, we are struggling to decide if getting him into a French public school with French curriculum and just class English is the better choice over a Bilingual school with both French and English curriculum to follow and him having extra English lessons to maintain his English.
We have been reading various websites and forums but a lot of people tend to only relocate for a couple of years and hence enroll their children in the international school.
Initially we were quite taken with Lucie Aubrac and Victor Hugo as follow up but travelling seems to be a big challenge, if you live just outside Toulouse :(

Given that we are in it for the longer term, would you suggest, a local French school is best to get him adapted to the French lifestyle and French curriculum ? Are there any English speaking activities, clubs that offer programs for English mothertongue children ?
Which schools/ areas are best to move to with children ?

Any kind of advise would be muchly appreciated. We are flying to Toulouse beginning of December and ideally would like to be able to pick an area and make appointments with schools as well.

If there's like minded parents who were in a similar situation, happy to hear from you or even from locals, that know the schools.
At the moment, any advise and help will help with getting that little bit closer :)

Many thanks in advance,

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