Available Job for Filipino/Foreigners for Jobseekers Visa


I am a filipino planning to go to Germany early next year for a jobseekers' visa. Can you guys help me about this or give me some good advice? I will give sweet mangoes to people who can help me with this. ;)

I am a licensed forester in my country, and an experienced employee in agriculture and urban landscaping.

Anyway, I am really okay with any work for any company and nationality.

I am a graduate from an H+ university in the Philippines (University of the Philippines), and am planning to check on my fate in Germany.


This forum has many discussions and lots of good advice on how to find jobs in Germany, which you may want to read.
But you need to be dedicated, convincing and know what you want - "any work for any company" will not work really.
And above all, you need to speak German - especially in the agricultural domain, where English is not very common.

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