Self employed investment

to apply for the occupation as a self employed I need to invest 35.000 USD.
Is it enough to show that I have this money (bank draft) or do I need to transfer it to BOI and it stays on their account?
Thanks for any help!

The USD35,000 should be shown on your local bank account.

It is not blocked at the BOI but intended for use in setting-up your business / activity (therefore free of use to you.) The way you will be investing this sum should be detailed in the business plan & financial forecasts.

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There is a nice article about you in Le Defi. Well done.

You need to check whether you can generate the returns that's expected for the 3 years.


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Hi Gawesh,
thank you so much!

Hi Nadeem,
Thanks a lot for the informations! I’m going for it.

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