Package offer of 57,000 AED per month

We are a family of 4 and will be moving to Dubai for work next year.  We have been offered 57k AED per month all inc for accommodation school fees for our 2 kids etc.   The company will additionally pay for medical, life insurance, dental and flights home x 1 per year.

Is this a good Package?  We want to be able to live well but also save as the package does not include any pension investment as they do in the UK.

With Thanks!

That is actually ..more than great Salary :) , Rarely ppl would get such a packages with all this benefits and big package monthly . i would certainly be able to live , enjoy , have fun , save and mantain a good quality of life with this number !!

Of course accept and go for it ! ,

That is great, but keep in mind the rent and utilities are high. If you basic salary is around 20-25 thousand AED, then its really great. I understand that the school fees are rapidly high, that is included in your salary as well I believe?!

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