Planning to open a coffee shop (need a local guide)

Hello everyone,

I'm Saood from Saudi Arabia, I love Georgia.
I'm planning to open a coffee shop in Tbilisi or Batumi (wherever is better) with a capital around 30k $ (can be more)

My question is:

1- is it a good idea? Profitable? For a small investment
2- will 30k $ be enough to start the project? Small corner coffee shop with nice decorations and reasonable quality products ? How much would it need?
3- best locations? On shop rent price around 1k$?
4- staff salaries? How much?

If I find someone local who can help me to find out the information regarding above issues, I will be very happy
I'm coming to Tbilisi on 21NOV
I hope to find a young passionate, smart and honest person who can be my business partner


Best to go over for a visit and check things out.

Saood im from saudi arabia jeddah nd planing to do same رقمي سفر خمسه خمسه ثمانيه سبعه اربععه ثمانيه سبعه تسعه ثمانيه يريت تتواصل معي


Post in English please as this is an Anglophone forum.  :)

Hi, we have a hostel here and could help you. We knows Russian and English, our friend is one of the best realter.

saood I am mohamad from jordan ,I have the same idea to do in tblisi too , if u r intersted we can talk , I can speak english and russian too

Hi All

I can cook good Indian food and would like to start a hooka  tea and coffeehouses  in tibilisi 
Can supply food to student or Indian families
Please guide if I am on a good start

Cafe is really good idea!

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