The new business idea in Tbilisi

Hi there,

I'm planning to come Tbilisi, to get more information about new business idea's. Please can any one suggest what's required there and can be a good basic idea for a small business

Thank you

If you move to Georgia you will be needing a lot of money to start your own business, otherwise you better forget moving there as there is no job for you

I myself Georgian speaking many languages, own a house there still have no chance to live there if I have no job, the only way is to start my own business and I have at least 50 000 eu to do it but still not enough.

So if someone has the same wish and possibilities can contact me, we might figure out somethng :)

Hi, I am interested to invest on a business in Tbilisi , I was there last week and believe tourism industry is very interested there. Pls comment...

Anyone can guide me how to buy a property in Tbilisi and is there any lease option?


Man you are hepocritical. Why are you doing this .there  is jobs..

Can u please tl me wat is a good business in Georgia

I’m here at the moment finding thesame problem it cost so much to start your own business

How to get TRC ?

hello i do and im interested in making something in Georgia i arrived last week and im in georgia for the moment and i love the country

approximately how much it cost to open an own business

yes tourism industry is good opportunity in Georgia, contact me if u need some help


Im looking for small business opportunities in Tbilisi or other city in georgia . I wan to set up a small business in Georgia. How is life, cost of living, economy and crime rate. Is there anyone knows good opportunity to set up Cafe or Restaurant somewhere. Also what is profitable businesses in Georgia. I am coming to visit in mid of march . So anyone knows how to set up company, Permanent residency and other legalities please help me.

Many thanks

It is a really nice country and there are a lot of thing tobe done!

What business can be done in georgia? As you are inhabitant and business oriented you know well, is tourism or construction with our construction equipment will be good, also food direction opening Lebanese or Indian food, please advise.

Thanks & regsrds


I thought the same, let us discuss it. Where do you from? Im working in kuwait now.


Tourism is a very potential aspect of business here. So far they have welcome more than 4 mil touirst last year. I m settled here in tbilisi


How are you? What business you have in tbilisi,?

Hi. We just started travel agency here. All are good in order.

Hello there,

My name is Ramaz Min, I am  originally from Georgia but citizen of Canada , recently came back to Tbilisi, Georgia. I am fluent in five languages (Georgian, Russian, English, French, Spanish).
I do have quite enough contacts in Tourism as well as in other popular local industries that could be helpful for your business ideas.

If you are interested in feel free to contact me.

Hi, Ramaz. I'm interested in Construction business. Do you have any idea, pl advise


hello everyone
i am in Qatar now and planning on solid base to georgia. please read carefully and if found lucrative reffer to the last line. thanks
i have an idea executable in georgia. if i can get farm land i can grow offseason vegies and fresh flowers. can be exported to eu and local market.
this is a very low cost project with handsome ROI.

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Good Idea-Go for organic-Huge demand these days

I would like to start a new business in Georgia

It is so beautiful country. I love tbilisi!


If you intent to operate a food business in Georgia, Halal Food Restaurant is a good idea. Halal Food business has its own market niche especially for Muslims either locals or tourists. If you ever decided to operate the Halal Food Restaurant in Georgia, kindly include me as your helping hand with the Halal kitchen, Halal menu and restaurant operations.

Abaidullah Mustaffa

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Hi Usman,

You have a brilliant idea about farming. However, foreigners are not allowed to purchase agriculture land. Nonetheless, we can rent the property or work in collaboration with the local land owners. If that idea sounds awkward and not lucrative enough, then you can venture into Halal food retail business either Halal raw food supply or Halal Food Restaurant. If you ever want to venture into this business in Greorgia, kindly count me in as your helper.

Very kind regards

Abaidullah Mustaffa

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Hi there,
I`ve been living in Tbilisi for 6 months already and my business is quite okay. I have an online store of wedding dresses of a very high quality and work primely with European suppliers. But the thing is to find very reliable ones. But thanks God, Im lucky;) Some of them I can even recommend without any hesitation, for instance Emabride.

i live in Dubai, working in a bank from last 18 years . want to move to Tbilisi for Business purposes. would like to move my family as well at a later stage. can you help me in this?

would like to hire a lady as well who can handle all these process of government and can take care of the business as well. should be good looking, smart, fluent in Georgian and English language and very good at computer skills as well.

please help us

Hello there,

you don't need a lot of money to start a business in Georgia.

I have a lot of idea doing business in Georgia that can be started from minimum 10,000 USD.


Can you suggest some ideas?

Well, it is depending on what are you investing from small or big business....

Doing business, i think you don't need me to give you the idea of Business.

It is so beautiful country

- Study
- Investment
- Marriage
- Work Contact

From an entrepreneurs point of view this place is paradise. Anyone who had a business in Europe knows what I am talking about. The Georgian government makes it very easy to set up business here. I used to live in Spain and the requirements where absolutely crazy and disproportionate. Very high taxes and hefty fines. A very slow and super inefficient bureaucracy. Different administrations with overlapping competences. Totally disincentivizing and demoralising. Another reason for me to set up shop here. Of course there are always some glitches everywhere, and I am sure with time I will find out. A few that I have already found about is the very high and totally ridiculous rents they expect for dilapidated and miniscule properties in the most obscure locations. On top of that everything has to be in Dollar. The latter I do not understand, as most people need the Lari for their daily shopping. No wonder the banks seem to making loads of money with lending at exorbitant interest rates and selling and buying currencies. I will certainly buck that trend, also out of respect for the country.
As for business opportunities. Well they seem to be endless. The Georgian people are very creative, but not so much in the field of enterprise. All of the businesses are basically doing the same thing. There is definitely a lack of variation. Especially in the food sector. But like I said, it's a learning process and I for one feel very happy to have come here.

Three ways:

1) Buy a Property in Georgia with minimum value USD 35000 but be careful with this because the valuer will write a different taxation price. So you will pay in the practice minimum USD 46.500 and apply for a TRC

2) Start a Business with a value of GEL 300.000 in Georgia and apply for a PRP

3) Get a job in Georgia - it includes a RP from your employer.

im living in Dubai. can anyone please suggest me about Web design & development business in good in georgia or not?

It is abdolute good there

Send me full details via whatsapp +918080814168. I am ready to invest


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