The new business idea in Tbilisi

Hi there,

I'm planning to come Tbilisi, to get more information about new business idea's. Please can any one suggest what's required there and can be a good basic idea for a small business

Thank you

If you move to Georgia you will be needing a lot of money to start your own business, otherwise you better forget moving there as there is no job for you

I myself Georgian speaking many languages, own a house there still have no chance to live there if I have no job, the only way is to start my own business and I have at least 50 000 eu to do it but still not enough.

So if someone has the same wish and possibilities can contact me, we might figure out somethng :)

Hi, I am interested to invest on a business in Tbilisi , I was there last week and believe tourism industry is very interested there. Pls comment...

Anyone can guide me how to buy a property in Tbilisi and is there any lease option?


Man you are hepocritical. Why are you doing this .there  is jobs..

Can u please tl me wat is a good business in Georgia

I’m here at the moment finding thesame problem it cost so much to start your own business

How to get TRC ?

hello i do and im interested in making something in Georgia i arrived last week and im in georgia for the moment and i love the country

approximately how much it cost to open an own business

yes tourism industry is good opportunity in Georgia, contact me if u need some help


Im looking for small business opportunities in Tbilisi or other city in georgia . I wan to set up a small business in Georgia. How is life, cost of living, economy and crime rate. Is there anyone knows good opportunity to set up Cafe or Restaurant somewhere. Also what is profitable businesses in Georgia. I am coming to visit in mid of march . So anyone knows how to set up company, Permanent residency and other legalities please help me.

Many thanks

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