Termination of contract

Hello there. I am currently working here in riyadh as clinic nurse for about 8months.and my contract duration is 2yrs. But i am planning to terminate my contract here since i am not happy anymore. Delayed salaries,unpaid overtime and double pay holidays supposedly also not paid plus the attitude of my co workers. They continue to bully me.
Is there anyone can help me to know how much will i pay if i breach the contract? Thank you in advance!

God knows

I have heard it depends, visa fees, iqama fees, airfare fees then maybe their recruitment charges

If there is violation of labor rights as mentioned, u should report to local labour office & demand for final exit. You will not be required to pay an6 single penny. But it may take time of 15- 30 days.

Hi - I wanted to clarify that I had a 2 year contract when I joined my company. One of terms (relating to duration of contract) stated that the contract validity is two years extendable for a similar period or shorter if required.

Should the company get a 2nd contract signed on renewal or would the first contract be be enforceable in the third year based on the above mentioned clause?

Some companies renew it automatically and some take your signature on a new contract so you have to remember your contract date and if you don't want to renew inform them before one month.

Hello! I have the same situation with you. Have u already fixed your problem? What did u do?. I am also planning to resign due to the same reasons. I hope someone could help us. Thank u for your response.

Did u already submitted your resignation letter?. We have the same situation and I want to resign too. Please keep updating. Thank u so much.

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