Weather End of March

I just wonder.... :/

We are planning our trip to Larnaca Mid/End of March so we can do both, Networking and holidays.

Can someone give me an idea how the weather will be this time of year? Is it already warm enough to take a dip in the sea and get a hint of warm weather?!  :)


You can find the average weather HERE

Expert Team

Thanks.. but its always average its always better to hear it from first hand ;-)

Each year is different so you will have a high of 19-20°C and lows of 8°C. You might even be lucky and have rain every day you are there.

mid/end of march sees the start of the end of winter - the temps are rising but id say it was still a little too cold for a dip in the sea..but having said that we still see the odd hardy bather doing the biz in the med..... we cease using heating in the house around early / mid march.... the sun is still very evident during the day but it is still much cooler at night

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