hoping to relocate

hello all. I just stumbled upon this site while fumbling through property listing and searching bank transfers. I met my wife a few years ago in pampanga and I would like to buy a second home there. so tips on financing a home are welcomed. I know I can't own the property. last I was there someone showed me a super small attached home and I wanted much bigger but don't want to be taken advantage of by someone looking to snag a big fish.. lol I'm still a ways away just doing preliminary research

Is your Filipina wife encouraging you to buy a house?

Nope Looking forward to the day I retire and better quality of life. She’s making more money than me here and since I supported her in the beginning it’s my wishes to chill out several mos out the year.

Thanks bro but I don’t really wanna debate whether or not she’s scamming me. Her family has been more family to me than my own blood and she’s as loyal as they come. As long as I don’t fuck it up I should be good

I cant tell you anything about financing, I will just say that if your flexible on where you live in Pampanga the prices vary dramatically. You can live slightly away from the "main attractions" and there are some good deals.

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