Seeking Investors

Good evening,

I am a native of the Turks and Caicos but was raised abroad(USA) recently relocated back here and am currently trying to find investors to start a new business here In Turks

Hi marcoselver,

Welcome to!

What business do you want to do in Turks and Caicos Island?

Well I'm looking around and I have a few in mind based on the needs of the locals the first is an electronic store. Something has to be done to assist with price control

Are you looking for people to put up money? If so, how much are you looking to raise?

Currently looking at potential locations that would be great for so type of night life and entertainment since this location is lacking in that department. I will be looking into investors for assistance on this venture. As far as capitol goes that will be discussed as soon as I can lock down a great locations preferable in the Grace Bay area as it is the area most frequently visited by travelers to the island of Provo.

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