Do and don't in the Philippines

Excellent replies obviously reaction to different people's experience for my part living in Bicol (Naga City) here are my
1. remember in Naga the traffic rule: (there are no rules) in other words biggest wins not lend money, period, to anyone
3.don't give credit to locals if you are in business (you must remember the wages here are low and only enought to survive if credit is needed it can't be afforded)
4. I totally agree that one must think in pesos especially if in business if your making your money in pesos spend it in pesos

as for discussing politics with locals you must know them well first but I do and I'm amazed how close our  thinking is.
also I never do direct business with Fillipinos, my wife does
even if it's just buying vegies (westerner pay more)
having said all that I think Fillipinos are basicly good God fearing people

I am a Filipino. It is sad to say that, in a sense, we need to admit what dondee31 wrote. Nevertheless, these are not always the case. You can even say these things rarely happen when you know where you would do business. It is easy to get rid of these situations when you can size up the place and the people around. You really have options. Bad things go along your way only when you are new. So it's not really bad to be in the Philippines.

Items 1 to 7 in dondee31's notes are very straightforward and helpful. When it comes to English in the Philippines, oh.. Filipinos are really way up ahead so many countries where English is not the primary language. Some Filipinos just can't sound close to the American or British English but the majority can understand standard English. It just takes some patience to get familiar to the sound of typical "Filipino" English--when you encounter Filipinos getting less education. But when you know how to size up people, you would realize why Philippines has been branded not only texting capital in the world but becoming contact center capital in the world as well.

And the number one thing to never do in the Philippines is to go into a karaoke and sing Frank Sinatra's "My Way". :)

Especially if you want to live to tell the tale (lol).

First of all I have been here 18 months and No I have not been sucked in by anyone and yes I have neighbours I trust And no the locals have not tried to take advantage of me it's all about common sense wherever you are be on your Guard always also if something looks too good to be true it most likely is. Apart from that yes Make friends with your neighbors don't isolate yourself

Dear Pinoys,

If I choose to go back to the Philippines soon, and for good this time, after being there before for a total of 14 months, and, after traveling and staying in most countries of South East Asia, it is because, to my opinion, and to the opinion of all those I know who have been there before or are still there, it is especially because of the people, all the Pinoys themselves: nice, smiling, happy, welcoming, trustworthy, strongly family oriented, respectful, etc.

Wouar! My very first 87-word sentence just for you Pinoys!!!

Take note: I don't go out late at night… anywhere in the world.

Generally Filipinos are hospitable and good. Just don't be rude.. Trust everyone, just don't trust too much especially if it involves a lot of money..

It would be nice if you know some basic language too, that would certainly flatter Pinoys..

dophened :

Generally Filipinos are hospitable and good. Just don't be rude.. Trust everyone, just don't trust too much especially if it involves a lot of money..

It would be nice if you know some basic language too, that would certainly flatter Pinoys..

Better advice would be to trust no one until they have earned it, especially in business matters, here or in any other part of the world.

Good manners in dealing with people should also be universal. My wife and I have found our Filipino family, friends and neighbors to be happy, helpful and friendly and in general trustworthy, though we have also met a couple people in business dealings who were blatantly dishonest.

Choosing your friends wisely would seem the best option as opposed to blindly trusting the world to do you right.


reading the posts here i can not shake the feeling some ppl live in a state of fear,i just behave as i am ,respectful and polite,always willing to communicate,preffere to smile over a sad or unhappy  face and always reddy to explain why i came here and why i stay here.
for the rest taking a walk in a squaters area at night wood be a stupid thing to do in anny country,so as my mother always boosted on raising no fools ,i dont do that.
greets Dirk

I like to keep things simple and straight forward. Like any where in the world it pays to be street smart. In philippines and any other place.

I define street smart like like would say business smart or smart in business. You need to be smart, wise and prudent in philippines.

This will be my first visit to the Philippines. It is not in the  manner and I thought it would be. I already booked my flight and hotel when I found out the girl I was communicating with pregnant by a guy at a birthday party two months earlier. I thought this was the final chapter of my life with this woman.
So I'm looking for to my arrival in Manila on 20 September
Thanks… Tony

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