Post Irma

Hi All!

Irma was a bit of a shock to Provo. Grand Turk unfortunately got a shock with Irma and Maria!

Rebuilding stronger than ever and majority of stuff is now up and running, what can i say it was an experience and life goes on!

If anyone needs any assistance with advice on TCI - please don't hesitate to contact me, i will of been here a year at the end of October and I love it!



Indeed, it's been a traumatic and trying time for all the islands affected by the recent hurricanes. I'm glad to hear you're safe and well Skip84.
I returned to the uk from TCI two weeks before hurricane Irma hit, but my husband was there to experience it - a very nerve-wracking period. Luckily he got a flight back to the uk before Maria hit.
Do you have any idea if power has been restored in the Chalksounds area?  Also are the Grace Bay hotels open for business? Of course, you may not be able to answer these questions, but thought I'd ask as it's difficult getting definitive answers when you're not actually on the island:-)
Thanks in advance

Hi Kemiest

I believe Grace Bay hotels is open as i think i know someone staying there, grace bay has power anyway as fortis needed to power provo water so it should be up and running.

chalk sound i dont believe has power due to so many poles being down, fortis released a statement and i believe mid october to end of october they were going to start fixing it.

Let me know if i can help any other way.



Thanks Skip; that's very helpful.
All the best.

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