Members here already in Norway, extend help by posting job openings

Everything in this forum regarding Norway are helpful whether it is about the pros and cons of living there, but I think this forum would be more effective for International Job seekers in particular, if members who are already in Norway will extend their support/help by posting job openings in this forum or in this thread perhaps, that they personally see being posted by companies or business establishments there. It would be a good way for Job seekers to easily find an employer in Norway to whom they can send job applications to.

So please kindhearted members, if you are already in Norway and just in case you have learned about a job opening there of any kind, feel free to post in here. Thank you in advance.

Lykke til Job seekers!

I realize you are new member, but already has a JOBS section with opportunities posted.  The forum however, is NOT the appropriate place for job announcements.  Please explore the site a little more before posting ;)

Romaniac Experts Team

Thank you for the response.
Yes, I saw the Jobs Section.
It just so happen that I've noticed as I scanned through and read the topics in the Norway forum, that most of the threads are about job seeking. I wondered why are the members mostly were asking how to get a job, how difficult it is to find a job, etc. when there is a Job section in here? Why not just keep looking for job opening right in that section? No offense meant, I am guessing just maybe, they were having difficulty in finding a job in the section that matches their skills, and just maybe they were also looking for networks, direct networks, in this forum who can extend their support/help by posting something like: Hey, I am in Norway, currently employed in this company (name), and we are in need if this (job position), if any one of you is interested I can recommend you, you may send me your CV, etc. I mean, all has to be legal and still undergo proper application process. I think that most aspiring immigrant's purpose was to ease the application process by having an employer first, have a job offer right away, to be able to have that confidence that they will survive from the high cost of living there by the time they set foot in Norway.
I hope you find my point here, which is for international job seekers wanting to find networks who will directly refer applicants to their respective employers.
But I didn't know that was NOT allowed in this forum as you said. I just thought it was okay though.

btw, I tried to look for some job opening in the section but can't find any. I have a question though, are there events that a member who created a CV in the section was reached by an employer, or have landed a job prior arriving in Norway? Thanks.

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