Renting a condo in Playa del Carmen?

Hello all!  New to the forum - I live in Los Angeles and posted last week on the Costa Rica forum as well. Currently doing research re: purchasing a condo in Playa del Carmen as an investment, to rent out to others (would be purchasing with a self-directed IRA, so I can't live in it at all).

Do any of you have experience renting from afar?  If I want to rent by night/week (rather than long term, monthly or annual), can I pay a local property manager to coordinate keys, cleaning, etc.? 

Obviously I would visit and check out places firsthand before making any decisions.  Advice/input much appreciated!

Hi If you are  going to buy an investment / rental property, check with a local accountant in LA and see what the tax laws are to having a company owned property or personal for tax purpose. Adding  it in your will for estate sale, look at the tax implications. I used to do financial planning in Canada.
Canada does not allow gifting or transfer of properties without a tax implications. Capital Gains tax applied to the increased value of the property if is not your primary dwelling. Depending on your tax bracket. You can buy life insurance policy through a reputable agent to pay off the Capital gains tax if this is how the IRS tax laws works. This policy if paid through a company maybe tax deductible if the company pays "(depending on the IRS tax laws)."
Please research thoroughly before buying then you will not get into tax trouble later on.
I know people who have got themselves in trouble for not doing their homework and got caught by revenue Canada later. oops
All I am saying is be very careful with the IRS. Get a lawyer involved from LA in your purchase
As for the purchase do you know someone in Playa DEl Carmen you can "Trust" loca. Be very cautious from my own experience. Or find a local broker in LA to manage and advertise for you maybe safer

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