Registering a birth in Bahrain

Hello everyone,

Have you had to or are you going to register a birth in Bahrain? What was the experience like?

Who is required to register the birth, and where? Can it be either the mother or father?

What documents are usually required in Bahrain?

How long does the process to register a birth take? Are there any time limits in which the registration must be completed?

Did you register the birth with your home country and how did that process compare? Will your child be able to have dual nationality?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Good day to all,

I have been in Bahrain for 30 years and I can share my experience with anyone interested.
We had a couple of births here, every thing went very smoothly.
Registration was done at the hospital and was processed very efficiently.
Documents required are basic; birth certificate issued by the hospital itself and ID copies of family members.

I later registered my new born children in our embassy in Bahrain.

In Bahrain dual nationality is possible. This was not possible before 2015. We have dual nationality.
If you already have the Bahraini nationality your new born babies will get it automatically. If not, they will get it as soon as both parents have it.

Life in Bahrain is plausible and almost every thing is quite smooth.

Hi Priscilla.
I have never had to register a baby here in Bahrain so I don't have any information on how to do it, Do you any got contacts on how I can get a job here in Bahrain?

Thanks Irwin

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