Golf in Ecuador - I know about Las Olas

I am planning to retire to Cuenca, but I love to play golf and jog. 

First, can you jog if you live in Central Cuenca? 

Second, I am looking at old posts that list the initiation fee at the Cuenca Golf and Tennis Club at either $6,600 to $9,000.  Does anyone have current initiation fee information?  The website of the Club does not provide any cost information. 

Also, is it possible to play the course as a non-member for a fee each time you play.  I have contradictory information on this issue also.  I am not a gringo who does not appreciate and understand the reasons why golf is not a popular sport in Ecuador.  I have lived overseas during my career and have learned one important lesson - when living in another country, never try to impose your values on those of the citizens of the country you reside in.  I simply am trying to do some up to date research.  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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