Chinese malaysian job search in England. Still possible to find a job?

I come across many job but the recruitment agent told me that they cant proceed if I dont have visa sponsorship. Is there any other way to proceed on my side that can get the job. Please help. Thanks.

I just finish my part-time MBA from university of Strathcylde (singapore branch). I have a degree in Information system engineering from a Malaysia university.

I'm from Malaysia. I am currently working in Singapore for almost 4 years. I have 8 years in software/system/websites development projects in various industries include finance,semiconductor,environment sectors.

I dont have any english certificate. Should i get one as I saw the requirement need it?

I hope someone can assist me to get a job there. Any job which related to my profession I also can accept since this is my first time to go there. I can speak mandarin, cantonese, malay and english.

Thankyou very much

I am sure that you can get the job but I would still suggest getting the English certificate.

To work in the UK, you will need a sponsor and a degree relevant job position as a start. Most companies wouldn't go through the hassle of sponsoring because that involve plenty of effort and border offices aren't really fun to deal with. Maybe you could try going through the list of sponsors provided in the UKBA website and check available vacancy in those companies, that would probably increase your chances.

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