Sports Clubs in China

I have PhD degree in Sport and Physical Education (done in Spain in English) with focus on Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. Beside that I have reach International career as an athlete and coach in five sports (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Badminton, and Crossminton) with main focus on Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. On the top of my original Serbian Volleyball School where I come from I developed my coaching/teaching system into "International Volleyball School" with basis on Serbian Volleyball School. I mainly speak English, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Serbian.

I am looking for Volleyball clubs in China where I can send my CV and offer my knowledge to whom it may need. To find Chinese volleyball clubs is almost impossible by simple search on Internet. Than I came here to ask does somebody who lives in China can find volleyball clubs e-mail addresses for me?

In advance much appreciated for any type of help and thank you for your time and understanding.

A simple search in mandarin language shows many results.
Have asked yourself in which language are you going to teach and give instructions?
You may consider international schools and universities.

Send your resume in General Electric based in Beijing. Tell them that you can teach them sports in English. They'd be happy to hire you! 😍

Thank you very much for your answer.
I will try to find something in mandarine language via Google translate even if I do not know anything of Chinese.
I can imagine that I will need to teach only in English because I assume that it is most desirable language there. For me, teaching in English is normal thing.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will do that. Do you know maybe more details about them, for example why they need that...etc??? Thank you!

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