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Hello to everyone here  I'm Christy   I'm a baker  and cook as well  I have a small catering service in phil. but time to time we need to go here and there , My partner and i been together for almost 18 yrs  and we still looking for the place where we could settle nicely , so  we try to stay to in Hong kong for 10 yrs  then moved to Phil every 6 months  and 6 months to Haryana India  but sadly my partner cannot tolorate mosquito  hot weather  then again we move for 1 year to Dubai  and another in Bangkok but still he hasn't contented . but eventually   all the country we been through all the years,  the best place for him is Dubai . Dubai is a very good place to leave although  the weather is not friendly during summer  but I could say the place where we stay in Dubai  is amazing   but the main problem is the cost of living is quite expensive . so we decide to  try in Thailand  Bkk . yeah food is cheap  but  the ambiance or the life in Bkk is not for us I could say specially for him . Our annual check up is due so we go back to India that basically his country of origin, so we quite impress that many thing is change  compare the time way back 2011 to 2015  fruits is good not like before that when i buy the fruits  3 types of taste you can have in water melon  and then now plenty of ola cabs   ( taxi that very easy to get it . so my partner and I decided to try again maybe this time will work . and hoping for the best  as I'm very tired of fulling my suitcases every 6 months . thanks for accepting me here and hope to know all the members soon .. have a great day .

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