Two weeks ago my boyfriend who works for 6 months in Dubai got robbed. He lost all his documents and money. He also went to the police and blocked his credit card. We mannaged to send him little money trough one of his coworkes to buy some food,but the problem is we dont have enough money to send him to get his new credit card to Dubai or for him to make new documents. The bank and his embassy wont help him. What can we do?

He got robbed in Dubai!!! Well that's impossible ... bring some other story...

And why is it impossible? It happened no matter how safe Dubai is.

And i didnt ask for money i asked for any idea how to help him

No it never happened and if it does police will get them in 2 hours the city is full of cameras

Well they didnt find them. So now i guess you think im a liar. Well thanks anyway for your "help".

I never said that any way I wish you all the best

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