Expat salary expectations

Hey Everyone,
It seems that soon I might move to Vietnam, but before I do that I must have a conversation with my employer regarding my expected income and expat benefits. Here are the details of the job and company below:
- The company has around 10000 employees and operates globally.
-This company is the leader in their field and specializes in precission and hight thech manufacturing equipment.
- I will be employed in Singapore and from there asigned to Vietnam. Still need to work out all details related to taxation and stuff.
- I will have to manage the company office which will come with 7 subordinates.
- My task will be to make sure that all sides understand each other and communication is clear. Oversee the execution of the project in Vietnam and manage the relationship with major customers. This will include me traveling outside of Vietnam to customer HQ on a regular basis.
- Oversee the execution of after sales service.
In your opinion what should a reasonable net salary be for such an asignment and what benefits included(housing, inssurance etc.). I've seen one nubmer thrown around of an average expat salary - 103k USD in 2014, but it is really unclear is it gross or net and what is the actual distribution by field.

This is not my firts time being an expat. I did 3.5 years in China, but my previous employer was struggling to understand what an expat package is and how expensive professionals actually are. I would be very thankful for any insight you could provide.

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