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Am from India and I want to know whether I have any pending tax to pay at LHDN, if have means how can I clear that and get tax clearance paper?

You have not given much information. If you have  been submitting annual tax returns then you can just go to your nearest tax office with your passport and tax number/payslips and discuss it. The tax return for 2016 had to be completed by April 2017 and it takes about 3 months to verify  if it was not submitted online. If you want to know about 2017, then visit their offices. They issue the tax clearance papers. If you are leaving the country, then the company also needs to go complete the Leavers Form. … 6-032.html

Here is a link to the various tax forms … 8f2734cc0d

If you were leaving, the form that your employer needs to complete is CP 22A

I was working in Malaysia from November 14,2014 for a two year contract ending on November 2016...but in between I had some issues with my employer and I came back on June 12, my work permit already expired,,,my employer haven't given me experience certificate,relieving letter,tax clearance paper,pay slip...I have got only calling visa and contract letter with me,,,now my query is if I get a new job,tax clearance is a must to process visa I can I know that my tax is paid or not?if its not paid means how can I pay if I am in India now and how can I get that tax clearance paper?Whether any agent can help?pls revert me

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