Mixed couple EU/no EU Cyprus immigration

Hello everyone,
We are a family of 5 , planning to move to Cyprus very soon.
We are looking to buy a business in the district of Limassol.
We are still in the planning/preparation phase and we still have a lot of points to clear.
Our main concern is to find that business and secure a good school for the kids all under 7.

We do have many questions but one in particular is worrying as I can't seem to find a clear answer to it.
Myself and the kids hAve a EU passport but my husband hold a non EU passport, he just has a schengen visa . What kind of visa should he apply to when we will decide to move there?
We as EU citizen can apply for residency in Cyprus once there at the ARC, is my husband entitled to the same process since his family is EU or he has to follow another process?
If anyone can provide me with an answer or a guidance it would be fantastic.

Looking forward to your replies

if you have an EU passport your spouse has a right to make the application with you "as a family member of an eu citizen" simple and very easy to do... it may take a little longer but it is your right as an EU citizen to have you spouse included in your applications as a family member.

Dont think non EU needs to have a visa to stay as long as you can support the relationship with documentary evidence

this may also help you - - … ments.html

Dear thank you so much for your reply,
I have already checked the link from one of your previous posts. It is indeed helpful.

I still have one "technical" question : how or with which visa should he arrive to Cyprus? Because he needs a visa.  Does his schengen one allow him an entry? But is it lawful to enter with a tourist visa and apply to residency with us once there?
We want to make things right.

Thank you again Toon for taking the time to reply

to be honest i cant see that being problem  - you have the right to enter into Cyprus under the terms of passport and schengen and then are free to apply as a family unit under the laws and legislation of the EU

Toon thank you so much again!
It seems easier than I expected.
At least concerning this particular point.

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