Tax break on import of household goods

My wife and I live in Costa Rica right now, but we are building a house in Nicaragua, where our daughter and her family live.  We are not planning a single large shipment into Nicaragua, but rather a few shipments of different types.  We will likely apply for residency this fall and our house is to be completed early next year.

I am wondering about the $20,000 duty free import of household goods once we obtain residency.  Do you have to provide a full detailed list of items to be imported at the time of applying for residency - or just at the time of shipment?  Can the items be shipped at different times and by different means? 

We would likely hire someone to haul a few pieces of furniture that we want to keep, from our Costa Rica condo to our Nica house.  We would also like to bring some boxes of household goods across the border in our car, and we likely would ship some household items purchased in the USA to Nica (small shipments, not by container). 

Has anyone done multiple shipments and received the tax break on each shipment?  What kind of paperwork is required to obtain the tax exemption?

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