Health insurance

I will be applying for a residency permit and consequently require private health insurance (no EU coverage). I have glaucoma as a pre-existing condition which will not be covered by Sanitas, even as an exclusion. Does anyone know of an insurer who will cover glaucoma or a similar pre-existing condition so that I can get the 100% coverage required for the residency permit?

Pluxton.  I think you  mean you will be applying for RESIDENCIA as a non-EU citizen.

If that is so,  then it is important you use the correct terminology, as not doing so can lead to complications and the inability to search effectively on line for the info you may require.

I am sorry I cannot assist re Medical Insurance, but it will need to be 100% cover.

Thanks. Actually I'm a UK citizen but have been living in Canada for many years and do not qualify for the European health card because of this. I will be applying for the residency permit as a UK citizen however.

pluxton sorry but you should use the correct terminology-  There is no such thing as a residency permit.    As an EU citizen you will be applying for EU Citizen Registration.

Also.  The EHIC,   ONLY applies to visitors to Spain.  So as you intend to live here, it has no relevance for you.

UK nationals to become Residents must have either DWP medical cover, which you say you are not entitled to to, or private  medical cover which provides 100% cover.

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