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Hi, buckers1 here, new to the club
I am moving to the Dominican Republic in January 2018, the residency requirements seem fairly daunting.
I have been in contact with a lawyer based in Santo Domingo who has told me that her firm can handle all my requirements for $3,800.00 USD, good deal or what????
Anybody know somebody cheaper???


Welcome to the forums. That is a ridiculous price!!!

I can suggest Wilson Rood, he goes by Billy. Email him at wilsonrood[at]

Welcome.  WOW that price is crazy.  Use planner's rec or I can rec someone in Santiago who will hold your had for the whole process and is MUCH more reasonable.
Where are you moving to??
Bob K

I want to move to DR with my wife and her son (age 15). My research tells me that myself and my wife can enter on a Tourist Card but the child has to have a Visa.

From reading the marvelous answers in this thread, I understand that Tourist Card and Visas are the same for overstaying. The fines chart goes only up to 10 years, so what happens if you overstay for longer? If the maximum is 10 years then could one go to Haiti and then re-enter and start again? Also, EU government advice recently issued states that immigration in DR are doing spot checks on foreigners to see if they overstayed... that seems at odd with the fact it is not 'illegal' to overstay (i.e. would not cause a criminal case)  and the fact one has overstayed is only usually apparent upon exit.

You may wonder why I would overstay so long on a Tourist Card - the answer is that I detest bureaucracy (as in applying for residency) and, to be honest, the current fees work out at only $RD7000 per year (for a ten year overstay) - but I know they will probably go up and up and up.

Hello ker2017999,

The figure given above is missing a zero. The ten year exit fee is RD$70,000.

The following link has a list of all the fees: … ines-fees/

But, as been apparent in the past year, the Dominican Republic, as a developing country, is making efforts to regularize it's immigration. Thus I strongly doubt that anyone will be able to overstay that long without facing potential deportation or stronger fines. These figures apply mostly to individuals who are already living in the country for many years.

Thanks for your speedy reply.

I quoted 7000 as the fee PER YEAR as a proportion of the 10 year fee of 70,000 (just to clear that one up).

I understand what you say but find it odd a country would publish the chart showing fees up to 10 years if they no longer wanted anyone to take advantage of the 'system' .... but I am sure it is better to be safe than sorry.

'regularize'?   Rather, they just see that gringos are willing to pay more and more, so of course they keep charging........more and more.

Any country has the right to regularize who can and cannot live there.  They are progressing and in time we will see  more changes i am sure.

If you overstay  10 years then an additional amount is added per month I believe.

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