I need to live in Malawi

Hi all, I just found this site and I like it already! I am Roy, known as Malawiman in Mzuzu Malawi where I have been overseeing many projects in a wide radius for nearly 14 years. My charity is registered in Blantyre, and I have been to Malawi 8 times so far and due to return this November. I have a fiance in mzuzu and she has 3 children, I am desperate to live in Malawi but don't know the best way to go about it. I want to get married as soon as I can, I have bought land, got planning permission, and have spent £42,000 so far improving the lives of the widows and orphans, provided 8 water wells with another 7 pending. I can't afford flights back and forth to the UK. I am a Christian Pastor, and would so appreciate any advice....

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