Moving to Germany for work


I am working in Singapore and looking to move to Germany. I have 8+ years of experience in IT industry.

Can you please let me know which is the best way.

1. Is there any German consultancy that can help for jobs from here ?
2. Is applying for Job Seeker Visa a good idea? If so, any good consultancy that can help me for this visa ?


This is a question answered many times over. Best if you go through the site and find similar inquires. But a short answer would be that yes, IT is one of the areas where foreigners even from outside of the EU are in demand. Best to do a search at Google say for English language IT jobs in Germany and see what you come up with.

Ideal would be to line up a job before you come but if that doesn't work then getting a job seekers visa is possible. Knowing some German is always a plus. Making a professional appearance and being rather fluent in English would be expected. Sorry to say but lots of people post here saying how difficult it is for them to find a such job despite having experience but their English is often poor and German nonexistent.

Official governmental rules for getting visas are listed on the below site.

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