Is it worth studyig medicine in South Korea as an international ?

Hi everyone, I am currently thinking of applying S. Korean Universities to study medicine there, but I am not sure about that cuz I might regret it and that is the thing and I can't just keep doing transfers all the time.
The reason that I am thinking of doing a transfer is that in my country I am feeling like I am suffocating and I need to leave.
And I have been searching and schools there aren't that expensive, also I really like Asian food and kpop music (but not obsessed), and another thing that worries me is that I read in some article that internationals can't work as doctors there even though my goal is only to finish med school (probably),  so could someone advice me on if I should or should not do it, or has been i the same position as I am now, or should I choose a different country and why?

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