American buying in BG... immigration questions

Hello... I am considering buying a friends house in Pleven, but being an American i need a little more info..

If i purchase the house will i be able to get a residence visa or some kind to work and live there?

Permanent residence?

And do i have to form a company to buy the house???


You can see the reasons for getting a visa/residence permit in article 24 of this document: … 140722.pdf

Buying a property is not one of the things, but having a pension or working as a freelancer are...  (this won't allow you to get a job in a bulgarian company, but to work on your own).

As far as I know, non-eu people still have to open a company to buy property with land, but it is a quick and cheap process. (I could be wrong on that... it is just as far as I know)

Yes Kojidae is right. As an American you will have to open a company. Than you will have to pay yourself an income from that company to have an official job and sign a declaration with the notary that you will not live from the Bulgarian social system. With that you go to the immigration office and they will give you a residence card and a Bulgarian ID for foreigners,

I know a trustworthy accountant and a notary that can help you with that if you need.

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