Bi-lingual schools in Freiburg

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My family is relocating to Freiburg and we need to find a school for our 14 and 8 yrs ( gifted guy) old children. They cant speak German but English.
I am planning to send them to Waldorf or Montessori schools which I think will be easy to adapt till they learn German.
However, on the other hand I read many positive feedbacks about Public school.
1)Are there any bilingual public schools that you know in Freiburg?
2) Is there any adaption programs that schools organize especially for new comers who cant speak German
3) I would be happy to register mu 14 yrs old daughter to Gymansium but I worry that iy might be very difficult for her to follow classes in Gymnasium without a proper language.
4). If possible my preference is to register both in to same school to make our life easier. So are those schools that you can recommend have all grades?

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1. Sorry, I don't know Freiburg and its school scene. But you may inquire at the local Schulamt.
Bilingual or international schools are usually private and cost EUR500-1500/month per student, while public schools are free (without compromising on quality) - which is a powerful reason to go the public route.
2. Most public schools have preparatory classes for foreign students who cannot speak German yet. They are gradually moved to normal classes when they are ready. But they might lose a year by doing this.
3. This problem won't arise with preparatory classes.
4. The German school system is separated into Primary Schools (up to 10 years old) and Secondary Schools (above 10). Thus both will not be in the same school until your boy finishes Primary School.
How is it a problem if kids are in separate schools?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

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