Pet reallocation from saudi to egypt

I need to know if it is mandatory to get your pet passport stamp by the egyptian embassy?
As of today i have on my hands all required documents
Pet passport
Vaccin ( rabbies) done in the required frame
Export certificate from the ministry of agriculture in riyadh
Thank you

I don't think it's need to be stamped from the embassy, and since you have all these documents, I think you need to check with the airlines that you gonna fly with to Egypt about the aircraft, if it has the required tools to transport pets or if it is allowed in the cabin or shipped as cargo, they will also give you a documents on top of what you have in this regard, for example Saudi Airlines you may go to their office in Olaya street and get this document to carry your pet with you in the cabin if the cage and the pet inside it is less than 5kg (dimentional weight).

Good luck! And enjoy your flight.
All the best.

Good evening
Thank for your prompt answer
They will travel with me as checked baggage and i booked them already on the flight ,egypt air to whom I provide already all required documents

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