Employment Pass Application

Hi guys,

I have some questions about my EP application and here is my background.

My education background, salary, professional qualification and the company in SG that employs me all qualified for the EP requirements (all strong qualifications).

However, I was a SG PR from 1999 to 2009 and renounced my PR status right before NS, which I understands that it is a very sensitive issue in SG as the gov takes it very seriously.

My company is applying for the EP for me and try to get me to work in SG. The application status is "pending input from vetting agencies; expected outcome is 2 months".

My concern is that

1. Would MOM reject my EP application because I did not serve NS?
2. Anyone in a similar situation and got their EP rejected/approved?

It seems like nowadays SG gov is a bit less tight on granting EP to ex-PR.

Please share your experience with me. Big thanks.

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