Degrees attestation for saudi arabia from Pakistan


I got the job offer from Jeddah all formalities done visa and wakala also issued.

I am facing some problem in document attestation.

1) In Request letter for Saudi Culture my visa number ,name and designation mentioned. Agent said must have passport number .
Employer said visa umber is enough.What should i do ? 

2) My contract is attested by MOFA and culture letter only by company. Agent said must be stamp by chamber of commerce. Employer said  company document don't need attestation from chamber of  commerce

[4 – Commercial visit applications coming by fax from Saudi companies and establishments are accepted for business men and investors, provided that they are certified from the Saudi chambers of commerce and industry. The governmental companies such as the Saudi Airlines, ARAMCO and the companies in which countries own 50% of capital like SABIC, they do not need to certify the application from the chamber of commerce.]

Reference … 36414.aspx

Kindly help if any one has the same issue

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