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I am Christa Tissera and I have advanced diploma in electronics and telecommunication engineering & I am from Sri Lanka.I am fluent in english and completed my higher educations in english medium.I have experience of 2 years as implant trainee in communication sector,electronic manufacturing sector & TV broadcasting sector.I have work experince of 2 and 1/2 years in electronic manufacturing as Process & Quality egineer for multinatinal company(Variosystems) Sri lankan  branch.In where I was responsible for handling incoming material quality,process quality and return material analysing and implementing corrective and prevemtive actions and controlling them.During that period I conducted internal auditing as a certified auditor for ISO 9001,18000 & 14000.I am a certified IPC specialist.I have to left my job inorder to join with my husband who is here I have being living in Italy Lomabardy Monza Brianza nearly for 1 year now.I am so upset about not having enough oppurtunities available for foreign professional like us.And apart from that I do not any connection professional figures here.As I live in a small community.When I joined this I thought I will stand a chance.But so far nothing came up.

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You could have a look in The Local Italy Jobs. The jobs there are for English speakers.

I hope that will be of help.

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