can anyone help me give answer...

My previous sponsor spoke to me and he told me to find another workplace and he will release my iqama and visa for transfer.I am a Dental Assistant and I was able to find a workplace in Al Manar. They asked me to come over for interview. I gave all the informations and the concerns that I have including my son is living with me so from there I will be able to know whether I will accept their offer or not at all if things will not favorable for both of us. I reconsider most of his offers because I do understand also their situation as their clinic is just 4 months in business.My iqama and visa were released and transfered to a new sponsor last week after my previous employer received the amount of 12k sr paid by this new sponsor.Processing did not take much of time and at the same time they asked me to sign the contract. From the beginning I asked for the advance salary of 3k sr in order for me to pay the 3months room rent as well as to cover all my expenses including taxi fare for coming and going. Because their accommodation that they will provide for me and my son is not ready at all. So I told them to give me first the advance salary and it will be cut every month for 3 months. How many times that I came back to them to receive what I am borrowing from them until money went over and I can no longer to come to work. The liason accountant told me to come from the whatsapp message and he said he will pay for the taxi. And again I mentioned to the medical director as well as to the account over and over to give me the advance salary I am borrowing from them. One person from that clinic spoke to the accountant to give to me what I am requesting from them and we all agreed to make a letter how the payment will be done. That person left ahead of me and soon as I finished and it was 45minutes late around 11:45pm I went up to the accountant's office and he only gave me 200sr he deducted 100sr from previous taxi fare. I was very disappointed that I did not receive the 3k sr. 200sr will not sustain all my expenses. I sent a message to the accountant that I wont be able to come to worm the next day. Because the 200sr went to pay credits for the food items I took from the store in my place. I was waiting for them to call me and ask me to come to work and they never did. And it came to my attention that they dont trust me at all and I will runaway from them. What made them say and think I can do such thing. I am a professional and I will never ruin my reputation with that 12k. 12k sr will be cut from my salary for 12 months. I will shoulder that amount at my expense and they have nothing to lose. I made a decision to send a mesage to the medical director that I am pulling out the visa and transfer and they will get back the 12k sr that they paid to my previuous employer. I received a message from the accountant that I need now to pay 17000sr instead of 12000sr. And he said the time limit is only one week. And today he said that he will file charge compalin of RUNAWAY? My question now who could tell me please if there is posibility that he can file a complain against me? My valid iqama and passport are in my possession. How can I will runaway from them since I have some clinics that are ready to help me for the second transfer? It may take sometime because ramadan already started. Can anyone help me to answer my question? I do appreciate for any response I will get from you.

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