Any Moms that moved to Sweden with kids who just started school

Good day

We are planning to move to Sweden ASAP.

My most pressing concern is my daughter.  She has just turned 7yrs old.

Some folks are saying to just immerse her fully in a Swedish Speaking School, but i worry this might set her back?  Has anyone whose native tongue is English done this?  What was your experience?

Secondly, The same problem, but with my 3yr old and Nursery Schools?

Any experiences with young kids are welcome to reply.

Thanks a mil.

Hey SpiderZA

Welcome to :)

Thank you for the question, its one asked quite a bit by Expats.

I really would not worry about it, children tend to learn a new language more quickly the younger they are. The older there are it becomes harder. :top:

Thank you for responding SimCityAT.

I understand that they will pick it up quite quickly, which is bitter sweet for me as I can see us eventually getting out 10yr old kids to translate for us, LOL!!!

Could you possibly link a question for me as i am new to this site and cant quite figure out where to look.

Thank you for your time.

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